Below are a few of the many endorsements we've received...

"Having the We Want More (WWM) team come to our Christian school to minister was one of the best decisions we could have made in planning our spring spiritual renewal week in 2016. God used them to help catalyze a work of His Spirit in lives that was felt for weeks and months to come in our community.  WWM’s ministry taps into the heart of the gospel without a doubt and simply helps to orient (or re-orient) students’ hearts to the deep love of the Father: a family love where they understand God’s intense desire to be near them that he might shower on them a love without boundaries. It is one thing to “hear” of this love, it is another thing to experience it. WWM specializes in helping students experience that love.


Our school has been different because of students experiencing that love and, in turn, desiring to share it with one another. Where people take up the call - modeled by WWM - to honor one another as Christ would, the Spirit of the Lord is present. We, at Christian Heritage School, have known that presence because of that modeling."


Shawn Haggerty, Chaplain

Christian Heritage School

 “The ministry of We Want More is full of passion and a desire to see a deep, spiritual impact in Fairfield County and beyond. Their programs are simple but profound to people's faith as their personal, relational touch and authentic Christ-encounters keep people coming back for more.”


Jake Kircher, Next Generation Pastor

Grace Community a Church - New Canaan, Ct

“I've never seen a ministry so dialed in to their purpose. We Want More does ministry in a way I've never experienced before. I know that when I leave, I feel more secure in who I am in Jesus. I have total faith in their team and want to get more of our students around that ministry. I've seen them accomplish more in a 24 hour retreat than most ministries do in years of working with people. I credit that to the Holy Spirit working so alive in each person helping on their retreats. 5 stars!” 

Lance Svendsen, Youth Pastor

Stanwich Church - Greenwich, CT

“May I send u a huge thank you for a really special retreat and time of refreshment. Your kindness, love and hospitality were amazing and I have come away feeling so encouraged and strengthened through the whole experience. Would really love to look at bringing some of this releasing prayer and healing ministry back to Jersey somehow. Thank u again for your generosity and your ministry, amazing.”

Rev. Martyn Shea Bsc DMin (Oxford)

St Mark's Church, Jersey, Channel Islands

"Since [Releasing Prayer] training, our team meets every Thursday and either do it for each other or have appointments with people who have heard about it.  Today we met with someone who had very painful memories. She left in more freedom and with a deeper knowledge of how beloved (her word) she is by God.

I feel like God is knitting us together and equipping us to serve our church well."


Lisa Bruno, Prayer Team Leader

Bedford Community Church - Bedford, CT

“The MORE team are some of the most generous people I know. The time they have invested in me for prayer, as a sounding board, and facilitating a personal spiritual retreat has deeply encouraged my faith. The MORE team are more than just ministers, they are caring and loving friends. Having the support and network of like-minded ministers is what has kept me in ministry for 13 years! The MORE team serves as a huge encouragement in our county to keep doing the ministry we are doing to teens and their families.”


Sue Stuart, CBS Teaching Leader Westport

Discovering More Women’s Retreat Attendee

"THANK YOU again, Cindy, Crista, Karin and Ryan, for the releasing prayer training . . . since then I have done releasing prayer with husband, 7-year-old daughter (which was incredibly beautiful and tender), and (this past Monday) a young woman at my Bible study.  I love being able to pull up the cheat sheet on my phone! So helpful!!

Thank you again, and thank you, Holy Spirit, for working through this tool of Releasing Prayer to bring healing and forgiveness into the lives of your children."

Meg Newton, CBS Leader and St. Paul’s Church Darien

“If we did Releasing Prayer everyday with each other or our spouses we sure would be even more joyful!”


Darcy-Simms, Grace Community Church​

“My relationship with the WWM team has completely and radically changed my life. Not only was I blown away when I first met them, but they continue to help me grow both spiritually and mentally. The WWM team has changed my life along with hundreds of others. I strongly encourage you to get connected with this ministry through WWM events. I have no doubt that it will be beneficial to your life, your relationships with others, and your relationship with God. If your goal is to impact lives with Christ and change the community around you, partnering with WWM is without a doubt your best option to do so.”


Jack Pflug, youth

Encountering More Youth Retreat Attendee

“Through the WWM Retreat, I truly felt as though I “woke up” in my relationship with God. Having been challenged by Cindy to start the 90-Day Bible (and now being nearly halfway through!), I feel as though I’m in constant dialog with God - which is mind-blowing. I know it sounds cliché to say, but “everything has changed.”  God just feels so very real, and so very present.  I am shedding the filter I had put on Him, the misattribution of human weaknesses, and waking up to His supernatural holiness, power, goodness, and mercy.  And to think the relationship only gets better and deeper?  I 1can’t imagine – but I can hope and expect!  I’m so grateful to God for bringing me to this place – the grand adventure!!”


“When you are falling more in love with God, you want others to as well.  Which of course spills out in a number of ways.  I have felt so much more bandwidth in my own life to exercise my gifts.  Things that usually feel comfortable for me were possible for me on a much larger scale than before.  And gifts I did not particularly have before (patience for others, compassion for self, discipline with God’s Word), I see starting to appear.  Sanctification in progress brings so much hope and freedom.“


“In the stock market, or with venture capital, you invest where you see predicted growth – that is, potential fruit.  I haven’t seen a ministry this fruitful in a long time. If you are thinking of partnering with WWM, just go and see.  Go and see what God has done – you can read it on people’s faces.  Plus, if you are ready for your life to change, ready to pursue profound emotional healing and freedom, you should attend a WWM retreat as soon as you can get signed up.   Is it circular to say “We want more of We Want More?”  Because my husband and my sisters in Christ all do. [Note to Maggie, et al – would that be considered “retreat hogging?”


Liz Grennan

Women’s Discovering More Retreat Attendee

“WWM has been instrumental in reinvigorating my faith and giving me a deep sense of how God views me and what His purposes are for me.  This has translated into a very significant difference in the way I view myself and how I interact with my family, friends, work colleagues and others.  In short, my experience of WWM has been life changing and all for the better. Attending a WWM event is nothing like what you would expect.  Discard all of your pre-conceived notions about what a “Christian retreat” is about.  This is different.  God shows up and lives are altered.”


Mark Pflug

Men’s Overnighter Attendee

The team at WWM has been a true blessing to me both in my ministry and personal life.  They have this profound way of causing people to encounter God on an incredibly deep and personal level.  Retreats, meetings, even lunches at the More House turn into spiritually renewing and life-giving events.  It is evident that God has uniquely equipped them to share what is truly the Good News of the Gospel with everyone they encounter!  If you are thinking of attending a retreat or event with We Want More, do it!  I promise that it will be a HUGE blessing to your life and your relationship with God. 

Abby Young, Youth Director

Grace Church, New Canaan (formerly First Presbyterian, Greenwich)

“Just got home from the Discovering More Women's Retreat and it was truly AMAZING! You guys have such a powerful ministry there and I'm so grateful that I was invited and able to attend and be "filled up" with God's loving kindness. I got to meet eleven amazing and beautiful sisters in Christ and was so blessed by each in their own way. How I needed this weekend!”


Dr. Josie Vega Hinson, Christian Physcologist 

“I can't thank you enough for hosting the network meeting today and, more importantly, for "loving on" our youth leaders and supporting them in prayer and in sincere friendship as you do!!  The entire WWM Team are SUCH a huge blessing to me personally and to the youth ministries and churches in the region. 


God has worked in and through you all to bring back into focus the critically needed dimension of deep abiding worship and prayer ---and you always do it with such humble attitudes and servant hearts.  This is a true gift to our youth workers, our youth, and to the entire Body of Christ in this area! I am really grateful that the Lord has brought you to Fairfield County.  Please know that your presence here is a very clear and concrete answer to years of prayer and brings great joy to my heart--thank you!”


Mark Orr

New England Youth Ministries Coordinator