Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, parent, or simply an individual seeking a deeper connection to God, we all need help at times. We Want More provides numerous resources to equip and encourage you.

Marriage & Family

Having spent nearly 30 years in ministry, we have personally seen the benefits of various relationship principles in our own lives and in the lives of others. We love to share resources from some of the most successful counseling centers and resources in the U.S. that have helped strengthen family relationships and save marriages. 

Leadership in the Church

Drawing from a successful background in biblical, transformational, and organizational leadership, we are excited to share strategies to increase involvement, ownership, and engagement among leaders, congregants, and participants. These include “best of” leadership frameworks and approaches, strategic planning, problem solving team building (PSTB), and leadership alignment.  

Individual Resources

We are able to share numerous resources that can strengthen individual relationships, encourage and empower leadership, and help people of any age grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.