MK/TCK Retreat

July 28th - August 3rd

This retreat is for anyone ages 15-19 who spent a part of their formative years overseas in a faith-based organization - whether you are transitioning to the US or have been here for a while.

Registration caps at 18 participants.


There is so much transition in the lives of MKs and TCKs, and not a lot of space or time to really sit and process. We have designed this retreat with the purpose of facilitating spaces to process, to grieve, and to sit with and share your story.


This retreat will be held at the More House

835 Clinton Ave.

Bridgeport CT

Participants will arrive the afternoon of Sunday, July 28th and depart anytime Saturday, August 3rd.

When & Where


Growing up on the field carries with it many unique challenges and opportunities. The lives of MKs and TCKs are often filled with transition, and the feeling of floating between cultures can sometimes cause feelings of loneliness and isolation. Questions surrounding identity become particularly challenging and painful, and with so much constant change there is little time or space made to sit with and process all you have experienced.

I know, because I am an MK myself. In my late teen years, as I graduated high school and entered college, I found that what I desperately needed was not someone telling me who I am or what I was experiencing, but a place to grieve, to forgive, to process with other people who shared parts of my story, and most of all – to encounter God and be reminded that He loves me no matter what I do or don’t do.

That is why we created this retreat to provide a space for you to both share your story and encounter Jesus in all of the places of pain and confusion, of joy, and to be grounded in the reality of your identity as you journey into new and exciting places and seasons.


Meet The Team


Ryan Burnham

Ryan’s life was dramatically changed in 2008 when he started to pursue and experience the reality of God’s love. He is a founder of We Want More and is passionate about inspiring people to experience and know God’s presence in their lives. Ryan graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Communications and he received a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership from Liberty University.  He is also the father to three beautiful children: Laurien, Everly, and Brooklyn and is the husband to his wife Cherisse.


Isabel Packevicz

Isabel grew up as a global nomad herself, floating between cities in China, America and occasionally Thailand. She graduated as a Biblical Studies major from Gordon College, but her interests range all over the map and she can often be found listening to different podcasts about science, the environment, theology and more. She is deeply passionate about facilitating spaces where people can encounter and experience the unconditional love and belonging of Jesus and be transformed by the reality found in the presence of their loving Father.  


Becca Robb

Becca Robb is a Third Culture Kid who grew up in Beijing, China, eating roasted sweet potatoes and learning how to communicate without and without words. Passionate about healthy relationships and environmental sustainability, she strives to live out her faith and beliefs in a thoughtful way. Becca is currently a writer and designer in the Detroit area.



The cost for the 2019 retreat is $550 per participant. Participants will also be responsible for their travel expenses to and from the retreat. There are a number of large airports nearby - please contact us for more information regarding travel. Your seminar fees include room/board and all other retreat activities.

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