In the midst of a fallen and broken world, we can inherit a concept of who we are that tends to be distorted. Our identity and purpose often need a spiritual “recalibration.” Even believers struggle to experience God’s peace and joy, or to feel good about themselves. Our 24-hour retreats are the prescription your soul needs.


Identity Retreat 101

We Want More (WWM) retreat experiences contain elements of forgiveness, prayer, time in Scripture, and edifying exercises to foster insights into your true identity and purpose as a beloved son or and daughter of God.


We believe that as we dive deeper in our relationship with God, our Father, He reveals to us a new identity that is not earned or achieved, but given. Expect to leave deeply encouraged and refreshed with a deeper sense of God’s love, forgiveness, and affection.


PURPOSE Retreat 201

After attending an Identity Retreat 101, you are invited to more fully discover your unique “calling” in Christ.  This retreat experience sheds light on the meaningful part we play in bringing God’s invisible kingdom here on earth and learning to love “one another” well. 


Purpose flows out of identity. Just as we spiritually mature from self-centeredness to “other-centeredness,” the more we know and understand who we are, the more we realize we were not created just for ourselves. We were built for more—to be part of something much bigger than we could ever conjure up on our own. What is your unique purpose in life and in His Kingdom?


Expect to experience a reminder of your unique identity, along with clarification of your missional calling and purpose as an individual, believer, spouse, or parent. You will leave with a greater understanding of how to love others well, especially those in your family and community circles.