A Teen's Testimony | Mary's Story

After Sunnie and Ryan spoke and ministered to students at a church youth gathering, "Mary" sent them this heart-warming and authentic response...

Mary's Story:

"To Sunnie & Ryan, I have never really been "active" in my faith. I was born into your typical Christian family except maybe a bit more intense. My dad has led the praise team since before I was born, my mother plays the piano, my sister sings weekly, and I work in the nursery. You would think this would be my everything. I help lead youth ministry (Awana) every Wednesday, and my favorite part is always the kids faces when they realize their Heavenly Father loves them. That's a feeling I have never really felt.

Tonight, when I heard the both of your testimonies I felt something I don't think I've ever felt in a spiritual manner. Your words touched me. My older sister, Katy, has never seen me cry as much as I did this evening.

I honestly believe you have impacted my spirituality because here I am, hours later and still crying. You people knew how to reach me. Thank you. Thank you for letting me listen. I really believe God has spread a message through you to me. I'm sorry for breaking down in your arms and I'm even more sorry for contacting you on Facebook of all things, but I really wanted to let you know how much tonight meant to me.

I felt so alone you guys. Being trapped in your own head can be absolutely terrifying, but now I feel understood. Something clicked tonight that hasn't been clicking for the past 14 years. When Ryan began to pray, I immediately felt power that I had never felt before. I related to the things that were said. Forgiving others. Forgiving myself. Letting go. It all seemed so impossible.

When you prayed over me, I could feel God's presence. I could hear him saying I was beautiful and wonderful. He got rid of all this terrible blackness that had been drilled into my head (the same three sentences that have been running through my brain for the past two months...)

"You're nothing"

"Why can't you be more like her?"

"I wish you would just leave"

It was almost like waves washing over me and the tides carrying those words away. In that single room of around 20 people, I was more at peace than I have been for the past two years. Thank you for listening. Thank you for not looking at me like I am some sort of freak. Thank you for understanding. I can truly see God's love radiate off both of you.

Thank you.

- Mary (The girl who basically cried for two hours straight)" *Some names have been changed to protect the story-giver's privacy

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