A Youth Pastor's Experience | Gary's Story

Gary's Story: "Sunnie and Ryan came to speak at our youth group this past September. The message they shared was very clear... to walk in faith even when you can’t see what is in front of you. But they didn't leave us there, they went on to teach us the way to walk in faith starts by sharing in our brokenness – just as Jesus modeled by sharing His brokenness with us. But the real gift of them being there was the opportunity they provided for our teens to share. Many of them opened up in ways that were unexpected and exciting; and then to see them praying for one another (which many had never done before) was amazing!

Jesus modeled transparent and connected love perfectly. We Want More constantly attempts to follow Him in his "Great Commandment" and example. They have mastered the language of love; they are humble servants who truly want to know a person’s heart, all of it. They are not looking for your Sunday best, they are not interested in the house you live in and they invest in what cannot be seen.

We Want More provides young people with a sacred space to “be real,” to go against popular opinion and ignite passion. They believe Christ invites each young person into an authentic relationship with God. They share the love of God with those they encounter and that is a gift that will last a lifetime."

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