"My heart always longed to be mended..." | Ali's Story

Ali's Story: "Who wouldn’t want more!? More love, joy, wisdom and peace—the key ingredients to healing and fulfillment. My heart has always longed to be mended from past hurts. My heart also ached to be full of pure and everlasting love. We Want More introduced me to the “more” I could receive and keep forever as a daughter of Jesus Christ our King.

It was the end of August that I found myself pouring out tears in the second row of Grace Community Church’s Sunday service. My heart was broken—my dream of being happily married with a baby and safe home was shattered into pieces. On top of that, my dad was surviving his last month of life. I knew I could make it through this fire when this loving angelic woman, Liz, came up to comfort me and listened with her whole heart and soul. She invited me to the We Want More women’s retreat and I was both hopeful and uncertain about how I felt going to my first Christian women’s retreat.

I arrived at the More House so deeply in need of Christ’s love. Ryan took my bag and Sunnie invited me to be treated like a queen! My eyes immediately filled up with tears of joy and grief. This love all felt so foreign.

Little did I know that my heart, mind and soul would be forever changed in those next 24 hours. God spoke to me through healing prayer, scripture, images and other women. I started to let go of the chains that were weighing me down and the abuse I had been experiencing. I gave all those burdens to the Lord and in return accepted freedom and abundance through him. The hope of one day holding a baby of my own came into my heart. The Lord showed me who my real teacher is—His Holy Spirit. I was no longer reliant upon the man who manipulated me. I belong to the Lord and He is my protector and provider.

I already attended the second women’s retreat less than 2 months later. There is not enough space on this page to share the incredible gifts and insights and connections I have made. Even though I am navigating the most loss I have ever experienced in my life, I have never felt this full and complete. Thank you, We Want More, for helping to build God’s kingdom and inviting me in."

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