"Our marriage had seemed to take a backseat..." | Eric's Story

Eric's Story: "I was a fairly active member at our home church, experiencing community and worship regularly. It was through our small group we first heard of the couples retreats at We Want More.

Jill (my wife) and I definitely allocated time for our faith, but time for our marriage had seemed to take a back seat to everything else. The couples retreat did an awesome job refocusing our need to give time and energy to building our connection, for which we are extremely grateful. It opened the opportunity to invite God into our marriage, which was needed!

Time passed and life got more complicated with a second child. Although our faith continued to grow and deepen, I realized WWM is a faith multiplier for me. I can feel like I am in a decent place in my spiritual walk, but when I go to WWM it energizes me to experience my faith on a whole new level.

This past fall, I attended my first men’s retreat and it was incredibly therapeutic. The relationships that you make at WWM are awesome and the connection that you have with the Holy Spirit is undeniable. I was filled with Christ’s love from the second I entered and was able to be completely real and authentic with a group of men. I knew almost no one going into the weekend and walked away with 9 brothers in Christ who were tremendously supportive. What a great weekend and great vehicle to further my faith. God has truly impacted my life through this ministry. I am grateful for Bruce, Cindy and the entire WWM team for all that they do."

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