With nearly 30 years of church, leadership, and ministry experience, we continue to be passionate about finding new ways to help strengthen relationships and encourage leadership. Our current workshops include:


Parenting Forums


Strength-Based vs. Shame-Based Parenting Forum

This workshop, designed for parents of any age, promotes awareness of how often we use shame, guilt, and performance to motivate or discipline our kids, and why it is hazardous to their wellbeing. The forum also offers contrasting and constructive ways to provide strength-based motivation using encouragement, boundaries, and emotional support.


Teen Parent’s Seminar: What Teens Wish their Parents Knew 

This seminar is based on decades of ministry and interviews with teens sharing their deepest hurts, feelings, and thoughts, along with shared mistakes of many parents. Some basic concepts of parenting are included, but this workshop more directly addresses how to parent while our adolescents work through their three primary needs: identity, independence, and belonging to a community.


Small Groups


Deepening Connections

While we can include several effective small group dynamic techniques, our “Deepening Connections” workshop focuses primarily on specific and proven ways community groups can grow deeper and stronger—relationally, emotionally and spiritually.


Relational Health and Growth


Loving Well

We are offering a new workshop called “Doing Love Better: Three Simple Changes You Can Make To Significantly Improve Your Connection and Relationship with Your Spouse, Kids, or Core Relationships.”  This workshop can best be facilitated in a 2.5+ hour time frame, but can also be compressed or extended to work as a three-week study. “Doing Love Better” presents the concepts and tools that will provide meaningful help in learning to connect better and love well in your most important relationships.


“You Are Immeasurably More” Workshops

Most every girl and woman has been affected by suggestions from the media and fashion industry that they aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough. These lies can become so convincing that we believe them without question. Yet each of us is an expression of God’s beauty and creativity. Once we embrace that truth, life completely changes.


In these workshops you will experience times of teaching, sharing, and encouraging prayer that lead to a deeper understanding of your true identity.


Separate workshops are offered for:

  • 11 to 12 year old Girls

  • Teen Girls

  • Young Adult Women

  • Moms and Daughters

  • Moms and Dads of Daughters