We believe every human heart is longing to know their worth and value, and God's response is "I have more for you!" We help people awaken to the fullness of their identity and purpose as sons and daughters of God through retreats, experiences, prayer, resources, speaking engagements and events that connect God's transformative love to their lives and relationships. Our vision is to see the family of God, and the future of the church, marked by people (youth, families, etc.) who know their identity and are living out of the immeasurably more God has promised.


We envision a tipping point in the greater church body where thousands of transformed individuals and families awaken to our Father’s heart and presence in a deeper way—setting aside disordered affections of the heart and generously addressing the world's deepest needs with their unique gifts and passions.


Ministry leaders have said...

“I finally get what you do, you’re like a wingman to the church!”

"You bring exponential lift to our ministry efforts.”

“You guys provide experiences where people can encounter God more deeply.”


We too have experienced the pain, struggle, and stress of fragmented relationships and living lives of performance to attain an identity, instead of living lives of freedom, joy and purpose from our authentic identity already given to us in Christ.


Today’s culture can easily distort our identity. Hence, we often lead lives based on what we have and what we do, driven by fear and performance. As a result, even well-meaning families can become shame-based, leading to a variety of difficult and sometimes tragic results.


Sadly, we see these effects most obviously in today’s youth, where feelings of isolation and insecurity abound. Even those who appear to be thriving tend to hide feelings of “not being enough,” attempting to prove their worth through their achievements and often seeking comfort and acceptance through unhealthy behaviors. This is not the “abundant life” Jesus intended for us (John 10:10).


At We Want More, we have been encouraged to see thousands of youth and hundreds of leaders and families in the church experiencing the hope and emotional healing needed to live lives of freedom in their unique identity and purpose. 



Our team provides retreats, experiences, talks, and tools that help individuals and the local faith community leaders who serve them live a life of “More” as they realize their authentic identity, find meaningful purpose, and experience healthy relational connection.


We facilitate a variety of “identity”, “purpose,” and “wholehearted living” retreats and environments for:

  • Youth

  • Youth ministers

  • Men 

  • Women

  • Couples


These experiences are designed to release burdens, replace lies with truth, reorder priorities, restore identity, and renew participants for a life of deeper meaning, purpose, and healthier relational connection.  We do this primarily through Scripture, prayer, and various reflective tools.


We also equip or come alongside church and ministry leaders with simple tools to help foster forgiveness, a sense of purpose, and healthy emotional connections in our churches, communities, marriages, and families.