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's Story

"I Needed a Breakthrough"

"I was humming old rock songs, dragging my stuff up the stairs to a new apartment. I had just `uprooted again. And there came with it the familiar feeling of transition-nausea, all that excitement mixed with all that anxiety. I had just left a fulfilling nine-to-five job that I enjoyed very much, a community I absolutely adored, and a town I grew to know so well that I became a “regular” at the local hangouts.

But it was time to move on, and when I was offered a position in full time ministry at a church, I packed up my car and drove to a place I didn’t know and that didn’t know me.

For the whole first year it felt like navigating the lunch room on the first day of school, never quite knowing your way around, never quite knowing what you are doing, never quite knowing how people are seeing you. All the while in the middle of that sharp loneliness, I was beginning to question whether God had really called me to be a pastor and whether God was ever going to speak again.

Then Sunnie and Julie from an organization I had never heard of, with a mission that I didn’t quite understand, reached out and asked me to go to lunch somewhere with foods I couldn’t pronounce (edamame?).

There was an immediate joy that emanated from Sunnie and Julie and an immediate willingness to jump into deeper things. They talked about all that God had done in their own lives and their passion to witness God do amazing work in the lives of others.

They wanted more.

It only took a few months before I was comfortable enough with WWM to find myself, almost instinctively, driving to the More House to crash their staff worship and prayer time. I was angry and sad. One of our congregants had died and that was a tragedy on top of the routine conflicts and especially hard dynamics of that particular week. The staff at the More House immediately welcomed me in, no questions asked. Then they surrounded me with deep and vulnerable prayer, where I broke down into one of those healing weeps. And then they gave me chocolate (a winning progression that undoubtedly will remind one of God’s love).

After twelve long months in Connecticut, I had needed a breakthrough. I needed a community that would surround me, that would move me beyond the awkward lunch table feeling into the profound joy of friendships where you are deeply known, celebrated, and enfolded in warm embrace. We Want More has provided me with a space to confess the harder and darker parts of life, to lay down the burdens that can accompany work in full time ministry, and to dream again, to explore more of what God has to offer and more of what God can do."

"I Needed a Breakthrough"


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