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's Story

"This ministry raised my sights to what God can do"

"Why did I come to We Want More? Well that title for one. How could I say no I don’t want more? I love the whole inspiration behind the ministry. Of wanting whatever God has for us. And we know that is always, always more.

I personally got involved when I was at a conference where their ministry team was praying for people. When they offered prayer, again I thought—how do you say no thank you I don’t want prayer. I always say yes. And it was powerful. And I felt so loved. By the team and by the Lord.

God impacted me through this ministry by raising my sights to what God can do. Brought wonderful friends into my life. Brought freedom in areas of money and health and emotions. Released me to release others through forgiveness and prayer.

If I was to sum it up I would say that We Want More leads you into Life in all it’s fullness. Which is what Jesus promised us after all—which is what he came to give us. And ultimately that is what this ministry does—it leads you to Jesus. So often we ask for more of him. This ministry made me realize—the only one holding back is us. He is always asking us to give him more of us so he can give us all of him!"

*Names have been changed to protect the story-giver's privacy

"This ministry raised my sights to what God can do"


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