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A Story for the Men

"I was too busy. My wife said “The Holy Spirit is at We Want More”. But with work, kids, wife, church, sports – who has time to go deeper with God? When? Where? How? Just another thing for my “to do” list. Every time it went from the top of the list, it slowly drifted lower as life got in the way. As a husband and father of three, I am aware of the Trinity in every area of my life, embodied in scripture and prayer, is all that I needed. However, deep relationships and a vibrant community of believers would be better. I never realized that. I always thought my strength is in my independence. As I traveled 80 % for business I started to disconnect with my wife, kids and church.

A quick handshake and 5 mins of small talk at church epitomized the weekly routine (when I made it to church). I needed more, and I drastically wanted more. More of God in my life, a deeper connection with believers - to connect Spirit to Spirit. God knows our hears and our needs more than we do. I needed other faith based families around us and strong servant leaders to confide in. My prayer was already answered - I just did not know it."

There was a ray of light. More and more I would hear of men who went to We Want More. They came back after a weekend away; encouraged, uplifted and with a deeper relationship with Christ than ever. I carved it into my schedule and went. Ten other men gathered and we started sharing our hearts. Small talk turned to our past, how it is shaping our present and looking to what could lie ahead on the road. At the time my daughter would draw our family as “mom and the kids and dad floating” to the top right of the picture. It was a depiction of a never present father - traveling, catching glimpses of his children as he left before the sun was up and returned after dark. It was a dark time alright. I was caught in high performance career not connecting with my wife and kids.

Sharing with other men at We Want More, helped me have men around me who “got it”, without any cookie cutter answers, but who could come along side me, collectively prayed, wrestled with the questions and got God’s perspective on what potential answers looked like. We Want More helped me identify the root cause. We connected hearts and made lifelong friendships. It is a safe place to bare your soul. It is a place to find the brothers we have been searching for and to know them as yourself for the first time."

*Some names have been changed to protect the story-giver's privacy

A Story for the Men


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